Live Slowly. Die Old. Good Morning America!


This, ladies and gentlemen, is pretty much the first sighting of the sun in the US this year.  We climbed Cadillac Mountain to see this, and it was well worth it. 

I am learning that the Americans have a very different sense of distance to us.  The base of the mountain was sold as “a short drive” from where we are staying, which meant that we had to leave at 1.30am to complete the 3 hour journey.  I have also learned that walking in snow is not as easy as it might look, and it was a tough walk up the winding road to the top (so please don’t underestimate the effort I have gone to to bring this blog to you).  Still, we just about made it to a vantage point to see the sunrise. 

Chris demonstrated some manly qualities (for once) by steaming ahead, despite some blisters (which needed duck-tape surgery) – and he made it in time to see the beginning of the dawn.  Although I was some 20s late, this nonetheless faded in to a sense of appreciation, as I thanked God for the year past and the gap in the clouds which allowed us to see this new dawn.  It was quite a moment, and I had a good time of reflection as I sat and gazed across the Atlantic.  The awesomeness of it all has still not sunk in – Chris was pretty buzzing about “being on the edge of America” and it is certainly something to remember.

Of course, what you’ve really come here for is the video diary, and I won’t disappoint.  The wind-noise adds some authenticity to today’s episode, but it does drown out my proud addition of “standing on the edge of America” to my introductory “so here we are.”  Still, you can hopefully appreciate my excitement nonetheless, even if you do think you are watching a weather forecast.

The weather was dry and fine, by the way.  And if you are wondering why there is a gratuitous shot of me eating some beef jerky, I shall draw your attention to the packet which notes that “to be an Alpha, you have to eat like one.” After Chris got to the top first, I had to regain ‘man points’ somehow. 

I shall now leave you, because I have some lobster to eat.  Happy New Year!


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