Feeling like a Twit

Today I realised the first hand dangers of idle Tweets.  It felt like speaking to the whole world without thinking, and then not being there in person to deal with the aftermath.

No-one actually commented on my Facebook status, but I do apologise if you saw it and deemed it tasteless.

If you’re wondering what I am on about, I was bumbling along this morning, iTunes was open and Eric Clapton was singing.  “I Shot the Sheriff” was the tune, and as I enjoyed the sound and envisaged busting a few moves I tweeted.  JP “shot the sheriff, but did not shoot the deputy” was the gist.

Unfortunately, although iTunes was open, the BBC News page was not.  I have since learned of the awful events in Cumbria today, but it was sometime before I logged in to Facebook and realised what I’d gone and done.

It was, of course, a genuine mistake.  I wasn’t to know.  But it has got me thinking about how badly wrong innocent tweets can go.  Do I continue to tweet about my life?  Does anyone care, anyway?  Can I live without an outlet for my thoughts?

In the meantime, my thoughts and prayers are with those in Cumbria, and my sincere apologies are extended to those of you who thought I was being more tastless than usual.


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