JP’s Great Insect Watertrap Project


A while back now, (on a very cold January day, I recall) I went to a zoo.  In fact, in recent years I’ve been to several zoos, but in the shop at this particular zoo (somewhere near Cambridge) I found a package marked “Grow Your Own Insect Watertrap”.  Attracted by the prospect of a new horticultural challenge, and the cool ‘EATS INSECTS’ label, I made a purchase.


As it turns out, I needn’t have gone all the way to the cold zoo somewhere near Cambridge because the address on the back of the packet tells me that the supplying company is just 2 miles from my house.  You live and learn.


Anyway, for various reasons I’ve not yet got around to embarking on the project.  I think possibly I was subconsciously scared by the fact that on the scale of things this Insect Watertrap has ‘More Care’ label, but my excuses include a lack of time, and “not being the right time of year”.


But now it is the right time of year, and I am going to postpone the challenge no longer.  Do check back regularly and journey with me as I undertake this exciting project.


dave said…
As a child I had a venus fly trap. It was useless. I had to catch flies and feed it. Clearly it was an overdomesticated breed.
Anonymous said…
Vesutor at the end off Marringdean Road I presume? They make airplants as well. And sell them in tesco's in Bristol.
Anonymous said…
today i bought a Vesutor air plant. I am wondering where to buy feed for it as there website is under construction... any help?

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