lighting the seasonal blue touchpaper

I know that we had this debate last year, but I’ve once again found myself wondering what the point is of a card which says “Winter Season’s Greetings”. 


I’ve not (yet) received such a card myself so before you worry, I’m not being rude in an ungrateful sort of way.  Nonetheless, that doesn’t stop me having an opinion. 

Personally, I feel that such a card implies that the sender is a bit self-righteous.  The message conveyed is a bit “I’m not celebrating Christmas. Get me and my political correctness.” 

If you don’t want to celebrate Christmas, then I’m not going to stop you.  But it’s a bit pointless to send a card if you’re not celebrating anything.  You wouldn’t expect to send a “Summer Season’s Greetings” card in August, would you?


Besides, what’s wrong with wishing those of us who will be celebrating it a “Happy Christmas”?  What’s wrong with enjoying the festivities of Christmas, even if you don’t believe?  You don’t have to pretend that it isn’t really Christmas.  This whole “I don’t want to offend anyone” nameless approach to the festival is hollow, narrow minded, and ultimately quite miserable. 

Talking of not wanting to offend anyone, I wonder what would happen if I decided that I actually took offence to these silly cards.  Would it be unreasonable, as a member of an apparent religious minority, to expect them to be banned in some circles?


Anonymous said…
Season's Greetings*, James!

Agreed, there is nothing wrong with non Christians celebrating Christmas, and there's nothing wrong with them joining in the tradition of sending cards at this time of year. I don't see anything wrong with Seasons Greetings.

This evening is the second night of Hanukkah. Seasons Greetings could simply be a more tasteful message than Merry Chrismukkah!

I think that if someone takes the time to send you a card, it's cynical to have a go at them for their choice of message. It's not necessarily an attack on your religion. Personally, I think the value of the cards is that it's a good way of keeping in touch with old friends (although this year I've been lazy and haven't sent any!). The message inside isn't important for me.

*Only joking! Fröhliche Weihnachten und ein glückliches neues Jahr!
dave said…
No secret that I'm not Christian but I do celebrate Christmas in the British sense because I am British.

And to an extent I agree with you, and did more so until recently. I wished a man (who I had just completed business with) Merry Christmas and he said Happy Holidays, I thought this was a bit American but wasn't bothered. Later I found out he was Jewish. Rather than thinking he was a complete twat for not saying Happy Hanukah I just thought it was quite nice really of him to say "I'm celebrating this but don't really care if you wanna celebrate something else." So maybe there is place for Season's Greetings?

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