JP's Christmas Message

If you were hoping for something profound, I'm afraid that you're going to be disappointed.  If thoughtful and profound is your thing, you're probably better off waiting for the Archbishop of Canterbury's Christmas message.  I say probably, though, because I've just seen the BBC Headline which tells me that his message is going to be about not waiting for heroes to solve the world's problems.  I always think that it puts a bit of a dampener on things when the media announce what people are going to say in a speech, but in this case I hope that it's just something of a cliff-hanger.  As a message in itself, it's a bit nice-but-pointless.

Personally, of course, I hope that he really encourages people to think about the Christian faith.  The message of the Christian faith, of course, has not changed since last year but don't let that put you off having another think about it.  Believe me it's worth it, and the birth of Jesus really is something to celebrate.

Meanwhile, I'm struggling with the whole wrapping presents thing.  I feel that I'm now at an age where I should be able to do it, and that I can no longer rely on the fact that bad wrapping is assurance that I've put the effort in myself.  It's not going well, though.  I've managed to get that 're-used wrapping paper' look and may as well have not bothered buying a new roll.  Still, maybe some people will dig me for the apparent green credentials it gives me.

Happy Christmas!


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