tony blair, prime minister

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What you see here ladies and gentlemen are exclusive photographs of Tony Blair's helicopter, in West Wales where he was out yesterday preaching his sugar coated lies to those he believes will be stupid enough to vote for him.

I know that the quality of the images isn't great (although they do have a rather pleasing Tabloid 'Scoop' feel to them) but it's the thought that counts.

Unsurprisingly, this corner of the world isn't exactly very busy but that didn't seem to bother His Toniness; one of the very few people on the airfield at the time said that it was hilarious to watch him emerging from the helicopter and waving at precisely no-one. Idiot. (Un)fortunately I had to leave before Mr Blair returned to his helicopter and so the question of whether my index finger should accompany my middle finger when I returned said 'wave' was purely academic.


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