caption competition (Liberal Democrats in Bath)

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It's coming up to election time again, which is as good an excuse as any to stick my nose once again in to the world of politics.

One of the many reasons why I won't vote Lib Dem (and why no-one with any sense should either) is that they seem to have a worse habit than most of slandering the other parties in their election leaflets without ever offering any sort of constructive solutions to the problems.

In the current campaign, they are blaming the Tories for the traffic problems in Bath. I've not lived here long enough to know how true this is, and - unsurprisingly - there is nothing at all to back up their claims. I would warrant firstly that the LibDems are also to blame, but that if I am wrong they are bound to have done far worse elsewhere.

The fact of the matter is however that there is congestion in Bath, and I was heightened to see that the LibDems have already been "working with our local community to ensure that we can sort [it out]". Or so the caption to the above photograph attempts to con the reader in to believing. If someone can tell me how looking like a toad and standing like a lemon with the problem behind you achieves anything at all along those lines I will be impressed. If, like me, you cannot fathom it, you may have more fun coming up with a better caption for the photo by adding a comment below.

Whilst we're on the subject of this particular leaflet I would also like to mention the atrocious grasp of the English language which is evident throughout. Personally I thought that the role of a councillor included standing up for, and communicating the views of the local residents. How is anyone who asks the reader to vote for 'Councillor Ball and I' (for example) meant to be trusted to have the necessary communication skills where it counts?

OK, so I've been a bit (hypo)critical, but hey, I'm entitled to my opinion. The thought that even some of you might vote for these people brought around a sudden need to vent my spleen.


Theresa said…
I noticed the poor use of English in their leaflet too. How can we trust people with communication skills like that to be effective councillors?! I'm seriously tempted not to vote in these elections.
dave said…
I'm all for IQ tests for political candidates.

I should add some bit about voting for Labour but I'm even more disillusioned at the moment. Nothing to do with our Tony either.

Some guy I know from my Uni Labour club is standing for election in his home council, he's a complete twat. He's self interested, retarded and in it for the affair with the private secretary. for the biggest laugh of your life. The dude can't even spell 'consolidate'. I'm going to bet right now that this guy will have a long political career with the Labour party, at which point I'll expose him in the tabloids for what he is, a fucking idiot.

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