on being Dave Gorman

Following my usual tradition of posting like buses ("you wait ages and then they all come at once") I was surprised to log on the other day and find that I had apparently sent myself a 'Friend Request' on Facebook.

Except of course that I hadn't. It was instead someone who is fortunate enough to share my name.

So, now I have one 'friend' with the same name as me. Perhaps I should take a leaf out of Dave Gorman's book and find a few more, before writing a book about my escapdes. The thing is however, Dave's book (Are You Dave Gorman?) was written in the pre-Facebook era when finding someone of the same name involved calls to strangers in the phone book, sandwich boards, specially printed T-Shirts and trips to Israel. I may be wrong, but I'm not sure that sitting in front of the computer searching Facebook would make for quite as interesting reading.


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