mafia murders in the Abbey (and other things)

Waking up at 4.30am and slowly realising that I was in Bath Abbey was for me on a par with the time I woke up at 4.30am and slowly realised that I was at Stansted Airport, on the way to Sweden. For the day.

Fear not, however, I was not drunk, and I did know why I was there (in both cases).

Friday night was the termly student prayer vigil in the Abbey, and it was a quality time. After a couple of rounds of Mafia - in which the answer to the question "is he double bluffing or just very stupid?' was the latter - we watched a short video and broke off to spend time praying. Prayer 'pods' (complete with fairy lights!) had been set up at different points around the Abbey and it was great to have the opportunity just to reflect and focus on God, before reconvening as a group.

Eventually it was time to set up camp (I found that kneelers made a good matress) and have some kip. Despite waking briefly at 4.30 I slept well, to be woken at about 7 by some dulcet operatic tones. I enjoyed the music until I learned - disturbingly - that the singer had been given male hormones until she was 17 and consequently had a 7 octave range.

The day dawned beautifully and we were afforded the opportunity to ascend the tower and pray for the city before tucking in to a hearty cooked breakfast.

I found the whole thing very enjoyable, and really got a lot out of it.

As weekends go, this one has certainly been a good one; having caught up a little on sleep on Saturday morning I made the most of the nice weather and explored the local area with some friends. I then went to see Hot Fuzz (good) with some other friends, followed by a Hobgoblin in the Hobgoblin (a dive). Then I strolled home enjoying the lunar eclipse. Isn't a blood red moon meant to be some sort of omen?

After doing some work on Sunday morning I headed off to Oxford for some banter with some friends, an evensong-sing-song and dinner in the ‘Nose. It was quality. Mr Prozzillo – for conducting Super Flumina just for the sake of it – I salute you.


Anonymous said…
I got to disagree about your comment about the Hobgoblin!! I think it has character!
Anonymous said…
Don't we get a salute for singing Super Flumina just for the sake of it?!

P.S. guess who!

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