Surreal...But Nice

I had a wonderful evening yesterday. Following Evensong at Teddy Hall, where my dad was preaching, I enjoyed a quality dinner and hospitality in the SCR.

What I really enjoyed about it was the surreal and combination of people; I certainly never expected to be dining with my physics project supervisor and the Bishop of Rochester (Michael Nazir-Ali) at the same time. The conversation flowed and included a very interesting dialogue on Free Speech, which I think I will post about another time. To my delight, dessert in the SCR included the classic combination of port and fruit that posed the question of 'how does one eat that?' In this case, I'm not even sure what the fruit was. It was small and orange, and apparently has a name which "sounds like Syphillis" according to one of those gathered. And yes, that comment was made in front of two vicars and a bishop.

It's been very busy recently - hence the lack of posts. Largely this has been down to lots of work, but I did enjoy time with my brother at the weekend. I also enjoyed the 'Top Gear Forum' at The Union on Thursday at which Jeremy Clarkson and the producer, Andy Wilman were speaking. Again there was some interesting (and quite funny) discussion on Free Speech and Political Correctness but I'll save that for another time. I've got to get back to my work...


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