Vodafone: What price customer service?

Hello.  Once again, I’m having to blow some cobwebs away from this Corner of the Blogosphere, but none of us has time for excuses. This time, Vodafone can take the credit for my triumphant return.  It’s about all they deserve credit for, but I nonetheless feel that the wider world should enjoy this email from their customer service team, explaining why they are increasing the price of their contracts mid-term.
Thank you for Contacting Vodafone Customer Services with regard to price increase.
I understand that you are concerned about the price increase. I apologies for the inconvenience caused to you as it effected the line rental.
I would like to inform you that the price increase is not in our hands. This is to be decided by the telecom companies. We have to increase the price to adjust with the competitors. The other telecom companies have already increased their prices due to inflation. The present inflation has affected many telecom companies and therefore to increase the price.
Please be assure that we are the last one to increase the prices in line rental. This inflation has affected the whole economy.
Furthermore, In order to resolve any customer issues we follow an internal escalation procedure. Once you have emailed us we endeavour to resolve your query in the first instance. If you’re not happy with our reply, the query would then be escalated to a Manager in the Email Contact Centre.
I trust the above information helps.

Kind regards,

Parth Mehta
Vodafone Customer Services
We hope you have found our Email Customer Service helpful and convenient.  To contact us please click  'here'.
Thank you for being a Vodafone customer and I hope you enjoy all that Vodafone has to offer.
Vodafone has logged your email address in case it needs to contact you about other matters relating to your account.  It may also be used for marketing purposes - you will soon receive an email explaining this and how you can opt out.
I am reminded of the infinite monkey theorem.  Hopefully the monkeys will get around to sending the email telling me how I can opt out of unsolicited marketing sooner rather than later…


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