Live Slowly. Die Old. Arrival…in Boston

It hasn’t taken us 24h to get from Terminal 5 to Boston (which is quite surprising given that it did take me 36h to get back from Holland last week) – but we have clearly had better things to do since we arrived than blog all the time.  Plus it’s fun to feed you bite-size chunks and leave some cliff-hangers.

Anyway, “so here we are” as I seem to say every time a camera is pointed in my direction.  If you want confirmation that we did leave T5 and have arrived in Boston I am pleased to present 39s of unedited banter.

The observant amongst you may notice my trademark sway. If you were hoping for hand gestures instead, blame the fact that I was holding on to my bag.  Either way, it’s a sign that I was quite excited to have finally arrived (there were no attractive girls around, so it can’t have been that…).


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