I couldn’t have put it better myself…

I found a link to a Guardian article about the recent student protests.  It’s an evocative piece, conjuring up images of a heartfelt revolution in a desperate nation.  Whatever the tragic circumstances which have forced children to fend for themselves on freezing streets, it would appear that ‘Eton’ and ‘Tory Scum’ are to blame for the problems.

Personally, I was rather taken with one of the comments below the article:

You're campaigning in effect to continue the unfair system as it is and the "anti cuts" agenda, if it were successful, condemns future generations to huge fiscal burdens. It's selfish, often ill judged and driven by the ideologically clueless left.

This whole mess has been created by one of the most damaging social experiments we have ever witnessed in this country - top down, target driven, forget the quality just look at the numbers nonsense. It has meant an industry of averageness has been developed along with a bunch of deluded students who think, wrongly, that business will fall over themselves to employ sociology grads. They won't.

Want to get angry? Where the hell have you been for the last 13 years as the government has squandered every last penny and then some? Where the hell have you been when the FE colleges, after spending millions on plans, were told the new towers of education were no longer going to be built?



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