I’m in love with my car

So goes the Queen song, penned by drummer Roger Taylor.  Don’t ever say that he lacks lyrical genius.

Anyway, I’m doing a bit of research in to transport in the US, and as I ponder America’s love affair with the car, I have come across some classic quotes.


“the automobile is the handiest tool ever devised for the pursuit of that unholy, unwholesome, all-American trinity of sex, speed and status.”

Meanwhile, The Guardian recently reported that there are signs that the love affair is coming to an end.  This has not proven popular with one commentator, who advises

“you must NOT publish articles like this!!

Don't you realize that this could trigger the current US regime to mandate that people must buy more cars! The current (disastrous) draft healthcare legislation should give you a hint of what could come:-

"US non-car owners to face stiff fines"

"Mandatory car replacement legislation, US car owners must purchase new vehicles every 3 years or face jail!!" “

Of course, the US Government have a clear record of being influenced by The Guardian.  Maybe the way to achieve world domination is to become a left-wing British newspaper columnist…


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