Why rail travel is expensive

In theory, I like the idea of having a ‘Station Guide’ on National Rail Enquiries, to help plan your journey.  As a concept, I can’t fault it.

In reality, though, do we really need the detail of three possible routes between the Car Park and Platform 2 at even the smallest local station?  Do we really need to be given explicit guidelines to use either the ramp or the steps, and do we care that one option is 5m longer than the other?  Do we really need to be told to bear right through the entrance after being told to head towards it?

If people are paid to take measurements, photographs and to come up with that sort of detail it’s no wonder that fares are on the rise.


Chuck Revel said…
How... flipping... retarded!!!
Gareth P said…
I'm not sure I'm in total agreement with you here JP. Some stations are pretty difficult to navigate and just a few photos of any new place can help. One could even argue that it is more important at small local station as there may be no staff on duty to assist commuters if they are unsure where to go.

Also, surely this is a God send for some disabled commuters who can plan their route through the station before they travel and note how long they may need to set aside for getting to the platform if the ramped accessways are significantly further away.

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