JP's World at One - Taking the Michael

Today I'm going to break with my recently developed tradition of referring to articles from the BBC News Page.  I'm not even going to talk about trains.


I had to do a demonstration for a customer first thing this morning, which didn't start quite as well as one would have hoped for.  I felt that the only thing I was demonstrating successfully was Murphy's Law, when one of the Windows computers decided that it was a good time to lock up, and other various minor problems all occurred just as the customer arrived.  You might have said "it was one of Those Days".


Someone evidently has a sense of humour though.  Whilst I was getting the show back on the road I logged in to my email.  Those of you who use Gmail might know that sometimes a 'Quote of the Day' appears at the top of the inbox, and starting me in the face was "If at first you don't succeed then maybe failure is more your style - Quentin Crisp."  Talk about Taking The Michael.


Fortunately failure is not my style and if I were to log in to my email again now I feel that "All's well that ends well" would be an appropriate thing to see at the top of my message list.



Who is Quentin Crisp, anyway?


dave said…
"Gay unions are statistically less likely to produce children and therefore it is likely that less maintenance orders will be made. "

From the BBC, brilliant.
JP said…
I missed that one, but it is a classic.
Anonymous said…
Clive wants to know why EM2K Node 1 CPU 6 keeps failing if failure is not your style? Clvie says **** off.
Nim said…
Crisp is a gay icon Jim; ever heard of the Naked Civil Servant? That was him.

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