Faster. Harder. JP!

This time I do have an excuse for my absence because I've been away.  I have now returned, with a tanned body to die for, and might even have a few things to say which don't involve trains.  Watch this space.


I don't think I've missed much in the meantime, aside from the fact that Gazza is to wed Shezza.  Or so the tabloid headline I glimpsed in Budgens just after I got home informed me.  It's all been happening here.  Who is Shezza, anyway?


That said, there are a couple of items on the BBC News Page this evening which made me smile.  Firstly, it looks as though it's going to become cheaper to pop and not stop thanks to some bizarre tax law.  Maybe we should find some way of running our cars on Pringles.  The article is also quite interesting because it outlines the new guidelines on what constitutes a proper tomato.  I don't know how I ever slept at night before.  Is it me though, or is the start of the list of characteristics a bit, shall we say, Durex?


Secondly, I know that inappropriate 999 calls aren't good, but this really is quite funny.  I'd recommend listening to it, because the guy is Welsh and for some reason that makes it even funnier.


Thank you very much for calling, bye for now.


KDG said…
I don't know if the police are going the right way about promoting appropriate use of 999 with this campaign of publishing the content of hoax calls..

People like this moon guy make these calls trying to be funny, and people all over the internet going on about how funny his call was and and making him into some sort of "ledge" is basically giving him the result he wanted and encouraging him and others to keep doing it.
I mean how many wanna Jackass types are going to see this guy's stunt getting laughs all over the internet and take it as a benchmark to beat?

Personally I wouldn't find it particularly amusing if someone I know died or something because the emergency services were being distracted by some "Leg End" at the time.
I have to disagree with the police campaign and say it's better not to give these dickheads the publicity.

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