Has someone beaten London with the ugly stick?

On my travels today I've been able to take in a braod spectrum of the nation's newspapers* and I'm wondering what all the fuss regarding the new Sex and The City movie is about. To be fair, I'm a man and I've never seen the TV series, but even so, I can't understand why it's such big news that some older bird has turned up in London in a green dress and a silly hat. Even taking her age in to account, she's not really that much of a looker.

Talking of 'not being much of a looker' I have to say that I was very disappointed by the lack of eye candy as I crossed town earlier on the Tube. I hope that this isn't a sign that Boris has banned more than just booze, but on the plus side it did mean that I didn't feel the urge to try and nonchalantly appear to be cool and sophisticated.


*I say broad spectrum, but it wasn't entirely unbiased; I decided against pulling the Guardian from the rack in the Waitrose cafe, because I had no desire to ruin an otherwise blissful lunchtime.


Anonymous said…
I think that you are showing your age JP. Sex and the City was a big phenomenon when you were a little boy, so that is what all the fuss is about.

I imagine that it wasn't intentional, but you come accross as a bit of a nob in the second half of your post (which I'm sure you are not in actual fact).
Starkey said…
Someone can't spell "knob"...

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