If I turned and stared, would you get the message?

It's amazing what irritating things one has to experience as a commuter. I only wrote here recently about the amorous Germans I encountered on my way home, for example.

Today the woman behind me is filing her nails. She's been doing so for some time and it's making one of those noises which makes me want to grit my teeth. In the scheme of things, I guess nail filing isn't abnormal but I'm wondering just how many fingers this lady has. Blood is starting t boil.

Incidentally, it's been great to watch the debate on my previous post. I've been very busy recently, but I'll wade in with my penny-worth before long. Watch this space.

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Anonymous said…
I thought of you today as my first great western train was delayed. They had a good excuse in that a train down the line was apparently on fire.

Even better was the new plasma screen arrivals board at Oxford which gave up briefly and revealed its workings. The stylesheet for the text wasn't loading so you had your standard browser text formatting, but in the top right corner was a spinning windows logo/globe, which to me seems to point to them using internet explorer 4, or 5 at best to power the thing.

Mark Porter

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