What's your tipple?

As I kick back with a Bacardi & Coke I'm wondering what my choice of drink says about me. If nothing else, it probably confirms what a lot of people fear - namely that I'm unlikely ever to play rugby for England. I don't care, however, because I'm rather enjoying it.

I do find it quite amusing that there are stereotypes based on choice of drink; what's your tipple and what do you think it tells the rest of us?

I'm less amused, however, by the increasing number of calls by various "do good-ers" to increase the price of alcohol. Why should I pay for the lack of self control displayed by so many?


MA said…
"Why should I pay for the lack of self control displayed by so many?"
You are already paying for their healthcare and vandalism in your taxes. At least if the tax on alcohol rises they will be paying a higher share than they do now.
Gareth P said…
In fairness it isn't the do gooders you need to worry about. The price of barreled drinks (All your draft products basically - except postmix)is set to rise this year simply because people keep stealing the barrels. Apparently you can make a profit by melting them down and selling the metals. That coupled with increasing cereal costs could lead to the average pint costing 4 english pounds!

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